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Advice on the world of shoes

In order to choose in a serene and safer the proper footwear, there are a number of factors to consider, in fact, a beautiful shoe has a decisive influence on the figure, feminine, to be more beautiful and self-confident, but it is imperative to walk comfortably, so how to choose the right shoe?


First you must know their number or size, which is the measurement of the length of the foot, but also some other factors should influence the fit; the sole of the foot, whether wide or thin, the instep when particularly arched, ankle and calf when particularly thin or robust.


In the case of large plant is recommended to prefer more rounded or squared toes, for a more comfortable fit, some shoes with pointed toe, however, can still be very comfortable even for those with a broad outline, describe in footwear will try to be always very detailed to help you in the right choice.

For those on a very thin foot we recommend a type of shoe that tends to embrace the foot with straps, or more upper accolade, or sandals or flip flops with more bands, so that the foot does not slip out of the shoe.


For those with the instep particularly arched you may want to opt for boots or boots with zippers or elastic making it possible to enter without difficulty.


Ankle and calf very thin or very robust, the stretch can solve both situations, for calves lean you can direct the choice of boots to wear with pants slim shaped inside.


The leathers like nappa, calf or suede, are soft and comfortable right from the start, but also other kinds of leather such as paint or brushed calfskin fit the foot.

Trying footwear the first thing, without a doubt has to be perfect is the length, in fact, the shoe fits does not stretch! It means that if the length is perfect but makes a bit 'on the sides, the leather in a few hours will adapt to your foot, on the contrary if the shoe "beats" in the tip, or "crushes" the fingers, then it will be an irreparable problem length.


To help you choose the most suitable shoe to your foot, provide detailed descriptions of the article.