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The acceptance of this proposal by your company will complete the sale, under the conditions set out below.

The undersigned, Alvi Calzature di Brusaferro Eva, with offices in Rosolina (Isola di Albarella) in Piazza Fiordi , tel. 0426 330028 , fax 042521968

e-mail info@alvicalzature.it, P.iva 01465750295


Section1 – MERCHANDISE: The merchandise described in the attachment sent by fax, to be sent back by fax stamped and signed, along with the personal data processing form, under the following conditions:

Alvi Calzature is committed towards featuring on its website styles and colors of shoes, presented the best way possible, without retouching the photos, except for the levels of lighting.

Furthermore, the materials used for each item are indicated and, if special washes are involved, the necessary instructions will be specified.

Section 3 - TRANSPORT:
Transport is charged to the buyer for amounts lower than € 500.00, with a cost of € 2.00 for each single shipment.

Delivery times will be decided when the sales proposal is completed. For merchandise in stock ready for delivery, the shipping times are 2 working days after being picked up by the carrier.

Section 4 - WARRANTIES:
Any flaws or defects of the merchandise must be reported by the buyer to the seller within 8 (eight) days after having received the merchandise.

The complaints must be sent by fax (042-521-968) using the “merchandise flaws and defects complaint” form that can be downloaded from our website in the terms of sales area.

Together, with notification of the complaint, in order to allow for us to verify the flaws reported, the buyer will have to return to the seller the contested merchandise by private courier with transport costs paid by the seller.

Once the merchandise returned has been inspected, the seller will contact the buyer, in order to reach an agreement on how to resolve the dispute as formulated in the complaint form in the terms and conditions mentioned above.


This proposal must be considered irrevocable for 10 days from when the same is received. Once this time period has expired, this proposal will no longer be effective.

Section 6 - PAYMENT:
1) Bank transfer in advance, before merchandise is shipped

Bank: Banca Annia - Credito Cooperativo, Cartura, e Polesine

IBANIT 67Z 08452 12201 000 0000 34266

REASON FOR PAYMENT: “name, surname, name of product”

(The merchandise will be sent once the bank transfer has arrived or when receipt of the transfer has been sent by fax)


(Notification, pursuant to section 13 of Legislative Decree - 30 June 2003, n. 196, and consent)

Not providing the personal information requested for this form shall make it impossible to proceed with the proposal. The information shall be processed primarily through computer systems for the sole purpose related to executing this proposal.

Having read the information above, and being duly informed of the rights referred to in section 7 of Legislative Decree no. 196/2003, I allow for my personal data to be processed within the limits and for the purposes specified above.